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Help with Data Plate

Bill Stoneberg

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I looked up the color chart on the Auto Color Library. All the 1950 colors are listed starting at 500 series. I would venture to guess that his paint color is 5007, Royal Maroon, both upper and lower, since the paint code looks like 77? Just some thoughts from a 1957 guy....

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Looks to me like the paint code is BX-332. Trim code is 77 T

2 is Cumberland gray, according to the 1950 Buick paint chart that I have . 3 is Verde green. The first 3 is the lower body color. The second 3 is the upper body color. Perhaps the 2 is the dashboard color?

Pete Phillips, BCA #7338

Leonard, Texas

1950 Roadmaster 2-dr. hardtop

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A lot of wild guesses on this one.

First off: the BODY BY FISHER number plate clearly indicates that the car is a convertible (76C).....so forget about any ideas of an upper and lower color;

Secondly: the TRIM NUMBER is clearly indicated ..... 77 T .....a tan leather interior with a tan convertible top; and,

Thirdly: the PAINT NUMBER is clearly indicated ......... BX 332. "BX" usually refers to a Buick custom job (Trim or Paint) not available for that specific model year as a "standard" choice. In this case, my thinking is that the paint color could have been a previous color available from Buick ..... like RITZ BLUE, #332, as offered on some 1933 Buick models.

Are there any blue areas that look like the OEM paint.....on the firewall, door or trunk jambs, or ?

Al Malachowski

BCA #8965

"500 Miles West of Flint"

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