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1929 Peerless- "Chairman's Award" Lake Mirror Classic Concours D'Elegance, Lakeland FL 10/18/14

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1929 Peerless Model Six-81 Continental Model 18C Straight 6 Engine, 66hp, 248.3 cubic inch engine. Front windshield cranks out for air flow. 4 door, 5 passenger, 116” wheel base, rear spare wheel, steel disc wheels, vertical hood louvers. NEW: Paint, Whitewall Tires, Chrome, Detailed engine compartment, NOS oil filter, Bud Vase, Window Curtains. Exclusively created for this car- a custom framed pastel and Peerless Logo Embroidered Blanket. Peerless Lockheed Hydraulic Four-Wheel Brakes, overhauled and original to car! Restored as original, including mohair upholstery. This car is in excellent mechanical condition. A great touring car with the famous Peerless "silence and comfort" ride. Own the rarest of the famous “3 P’s- Packard, Pierce Arrow & Peerless” Looks and Runs Great! Ready to Tour and Show!

Peerless is the rarest in the famous “3 P’s” Packard, Pierce-Arrow and Peerless of the late 20”s –early 30’s. Peerless was manufactured from 1900-1931 in Cleveland Ohio. Peerless did not go out of business with the looming Great Depression, instead the Board of Directors chose to stop manufacturing cars, and changed the manufacturing plant from building cars to brewing beer as an American franchise for Carling Black Label Beer. With the recent repeal of Prohibition, it was considered a wise business decision at the time. The Peerless motorcars sold in 1932 were actually inventory manufactured in 1931. The only true production car of 1932 was the one V16 aluminum bodied Peerless now on display in Crawford Aviation and Auto Museum, Ohio. In earlier years of the Peerless history, famed Barney Oldfield set world records for speed and endurance in the Peerless “Green Dragon”.

asking $39,700 for more photos http://www.oldwheel.com/sales.html

Brando Pistorius (813)917-9205 Tampa, Florida USA www.OldWheel.com
















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Very nice photos. Congratulations on the award and promoting the Peerless Motor Car Company with the great restoration! Didn't you win something at Amelia Island a few weeks ago, too? I sent you another access email to the Google Drive Peerless Registry, Known Peerless Automobiles In Existence, about two weeks ago. Were you able to use it O.K.? I found something interesting about your car after noticing that it has side cowl vents. I have heard that on the Model Six-61s, these denote 6-61A cars(built after September 1st, 1929 and technically a 1930 model). We don't have any of the company archives available, but on a lubrication chart for 1930 Peerless 6-61A and 6-81 cars, it puts serial numbers C 812,901 and up in the 1930 model year. In the case of the 6-81 Peerlesses, I'll guess almost all of them were finished in 1929, but I have seen dealer and company references to 6-61A cars built as late as January or February, 1930.

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