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tail light 1943 ?

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Ok. I got totally confused. I thought 1909schacht wanted to know what his tail light was. I agree that it doesn't look like the one on the foreign (right hand drive!) Pontiac picture submitted by Commodore. But I thought it was 1909schact who had the parking lights too, and that's why I wanted to see his parking lights as I thought that might help us figure out about his tail lights.

Which, Commodore, brings up another point: Where are the parking lights on the front of this car? You're not going to tell me that those big driving lights are the "parking lights" are you?


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Yes, thank you, the second image shows the parking lights clearly. Now I see them in the original image sent.

You really have me stumped here. Why the second bezel? Maybe it could have been for a prototype car before all decisions were made on such fine details?

FYI, the first Pontiac shown is a post Dec. 31, 1942, 1942 model, and the second one shown above is a pre Jan. 1, 1943, 1942 car. At least if the same constraints held with the Pontiacs made for foreign consumption.

Does anyone know what country used license plates like these? That's probably something I could find faster on the internet than asking here. But I don't have the time... Oh, and the forward mounted mirrors, those were mandatory in Japan, but I don't think these cars were going to Japan after Pearl Harbor (Let us never forget).

~Dwight Bennett

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