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1925 Buick Information or parts needed


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Hello all. I am looking for what I belive is a 4 door 1925 Buick. I am matching pictures of what I find here on the net to a picture of my grandfather and his first car. From everything I can tell they called it a "master six" (I take it there refuring to the engine on that). I am looking for a car with straight metal that I can hop into and do a restoration. If anyone knows about these models- <BR>like what years were the same (I heard '24-'26 had the same sheet metal)???<BR>where to find parts???<BR>where to find information on these model years???<BR>and any and all other information I would be most greatful....<BR>The picture I have of the car is beyond poor but some features that stand out on this model are almost square side windows, 2 groves in the door panels that go horizontal down the door (one above the door handle, one below), The lower grove continues down the side of the car to the front radiator shroud, the upper looks like it wraps around the front windshield...<BR>Again if anyone knows there early buick history PLEASE help.... THANKS<BR>ACEFiero@Compuserve.com<BR>

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