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Source for new gas tank

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Hello again, and thanks in advance for any assistance, as I am back needing guidance for my friend's recently purchased 1963 Lincoln Continental Sedan.

An update; she has driven it about 200 miles, enjoying it with little issue, making the odometer reading a true 17,700, as the car is now being put away for winter storage.

Following another oil change and overall safety check from a mechanic experienced with old cars, his recommendation is to locate a new gas rank, due to interior rust issues. Apparently, the 36 years of relative dormancy (382 miles accrued during that time) took its toll on the tank.

If push comes to shove, there is a place east of Pittsburgh that specializes in repairing/"recoating" old gas tanks, but would appreciate any leads on whom to contact for a new tank. So far, dead ends. It would be helpful to know the year range (or even Ford Motor Company product range) that would be interchangeable with the '63 Lincoln (I would think 1961-63 would have use the same units).

Thanks again,


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