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How do I get rid of "my notifications"?

R Walling

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While I don't have much experience with Friends Notifications on this site, I would suggest that if you click on the notification to read the notification, it should then clear the notification. I know that every time I click on a PM notification, that clears the notification. You don't have to delete the PM for the notification to go away. If that doesn't clear the notification, send me a friend request and I will figure out how to clear the notification and let you know.

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Got the request and got rid of it. Here is how...

Click on the notification. The window that opens up shows the friend request. You can click to accept it or reject it, but the trick to gettting that action to work and remove the notification is that you have to check the box beside the user name to actually accept or reject it. As soon as you check the box, select accept or reject, you then click on save changes and the notification will go away.

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