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1912 Cadillac starter problems


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Today I tried to start the engine of my 1912 Cadillac. Ahh, something new. Normally if I push the small button between the front seats, in the starter moves a small gear and then I push the clutch and the starter turns the engine. Nothing of this is working. I can see that the starter tries to turn the rod to the waterpump when I push the button. Who knows the 1912 starter electric and can help me? I cleaned cable contact points and much more. confused.gif and frown.gif<BR>Would like to enjoy a tour in 9 days...<P>------------------<BR>Thomas Borchers<BR>Member of AACA # 004829<BR>HCCA and MAFCA<p>[This message has been edited by ThomasBorchers (edited 06-21-2000).]

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