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Metz engines relationship to Model T engines?

Jerry Alexander

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Just curious. I see that we as Metz owners can use parts from the Model T engine to help restore our vehicles to working vehicles. So I am wondering what if any relationship there was between the designers/developers/engineers of these two separate motor car engines? Back in the early days did one company just copy what worked for another company or by some miracle/coincidence did that era of engines just go by one design? In this day I am glad there is a relationship between these two engines. Looking forward to hearing back from the experts and history buffs.


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A quote from Franklin Tucker's Antique Automobile article (Mar/Apr 1967):

:..."old car" enthusiasts have noted the remarkable resemblance between the 4-cylinder Metz engine and the Model T engine. It has often lead to the rumor that the Metz engine was actually manufactured by Ford. This is not the case. John Robbins was responsible for the basic design of the engine, and had been an agent for Ford in Boston area, therefore, knew Ford cars inside and out. In his capacity as general superintendent for Metz, he copied the Ford Model S engine to a large extent, hence the similarity.

Chief draftsman George Jessup also worked on the design of this engine..."

Henry never sued Metz, probably because they were such a small firm.


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