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1927/9 Renault Monasix parts wanted

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Just to prove that I do really still love it, this afternoon I have given the "Peug" a wash and rub down this afternoon. If you care to look closely you can make out the hail damage. Fortunately this has nothing to do with how it goes and what a pleasure it is still to drive.  You really do not notice the hail damage from be hind the steering wheel. As the Insurance Company has paid out in full there is nothing that I can do except enjoy it.  I do need to check the water level in the radiator from time to time but it does not consume oil the way that some cars it age or even younger do and its thirst for petrol is not excessive. It has a fuel injected two litre overhead cam engine with a 5 speed synchromest trans and four wheel disk brakes. Seating is comfortable for both short runs and day long drives. Everything works including the "driving" lights underneath the front bumper.




Bernie J.

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After two false starts The Renault is all packed up waiting to go BUT it still is sitting in the carport waiting to be collected. The latest suggestion is "sometime" over the weekend as though I have nothing else that I may need to be doing.  The only good thing is that I have now been paid for it in full.



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