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'64 Skylark

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I just introduced myself in the appropriate forum, and now I introduce my '64 Skylark. I bought it last week and drove it home yesterday. It's my first Buick in over 30 years. It's been a garage queen for most of its life and it has absolutely no undercarriage or body rust that I have been able to find. It has only 48K original miles, and judging from the condition of the original upholstery and the absence of discernible wear on the foot pedals, I believe it. It's just a plain-Jane 4 door sedan with the 300 c.i. V8 with PS and PB. It drives wonderfully.

The first thing I plan to do is seal a small leak somewhere around the rear window that is typical of many cars: I got a small amount of water in the trunk yesterday after the drive home in the rain, and I need to get that fixed before it starts to rust the trunk and around the roof belt line (that's what destroyed my mother's '66 Malibu, front and rear). So far there's absolutely no surface rust in the trunk and no evidence of bubbling around the belt molding, and I want to keep it that way). I will study the body manual to see how to remove the belt molding without destroying it. Another priority is to find an old FM radio converter to hook up to the factory AM radio. There seems to be an abundance of modern FM radios that will fit into the dash, but none pass my test for appearance or features (don't need stereo, iPod interface or 200 Watts of power).

Right now the car is sitting happily in my garage, where it will hopefully spend many more years protected and pampered.

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