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FS: 1939 Buick Special 4 door

Guest highlido

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Guest highlido

Year: 1939

Make: Buick

Model: Special

Price: $8,000 REDUCED to $7000


Strait eight runs and drives.

Has a clean title and street driving license plate

I bought it thinking that I would use it and restore it little by little but as much as I hate to get rid of it I just do not have the time to work on it and I do not want something like this to go to waste sitting around.

Body and insides all there glass is all good.

All original I bought this from the third owner.

He had done some work to it (re did the chrome and the brakes)

Shows 50,000 miles

Comes with the original jack and other tools

Has 5 wheels and the original battery cover

Sturdy frame no rust

As you can see from the pictures it is in great original condition but needs work

All the interior is original so would need to be redone but has practically all of the parts and pieces

All windows open and close no problem

What I know needs replaced:

Needs new tires

Needs a new generator

Needs a new battery (6v)

Needs some work done to the carburetor

Obviously it needs work on the inside but this is all I know it needs mechanically

Location (City, State, Country)

Linden TN (Perry County)

Contact Information (Name, Email and Phone)

Thomas Wilson











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Also worth advertising here http://forums.aaca.org/f117/

Are you sure its a century model 61? What is stamped on the firewall data plate?

If you keep it you can join the '39 Buick team

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Looks like a Special to me Al.
Yep. Why I asked. The side view of the front fender and the air cleaner look series 40. In the US series 60 have chromed aluminium revel moldings on the exterior windows.
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Guest highlido

Sorry guys I am new to all of this Century is what the guy I bought it from told me it was.

How do I tell what it is?

Also where is the firewall data plate?

Like I said really new to this.

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Yeah I'd bet the house that's a Special. Engine it a 248 setup and the front end is too short for the 320. You can tell by the distance from the fender to the door. Exactly like my car.

You have created a nice ad overall, and I hope you have not overspent on the car. That said a Century is not necessarily worth all that much more in this condition (maybe a couple thousand), but it would be easier to sell, as they are worth more restored (maybe $7000-$10,000). Just ballpark figures.

This is a fairly common issue unfortunately. They look very similar, especially from 20 feet away. Often, as you can see, sellers don't know what they actually have. If you google "1939 Buick Century," half of the photos are Specials.

tag is right here:


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Guest highlido

Ok thank you so much for the info.

I have it parked at a friends I will make sure to check it the next time I am over there

I did get a good enough deal on it that I think I should be fine.

I had looked on Google before I bought it and I was trying to figure out why some of them looked different :P

Now I know

What would you say a better price for mine would be since it is probably a special instead of a century?

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Not knowing all the things I would need to in order to accurately put a price on it, it would be hard for me to say.

If you need to sell it fast, $3000, if you don't, ask $7000 and see what happens. I really don't like putting prices on other people's sales threads because it looks like I am hurting their ad, and I don't want to do that. You can certainly keep it at $12,000, but that isn't very realistic IMO. It just takes that one buyer. I actually overpaid for both of my cars according to what they were "worth," but due to my circumstances, they were a good deal for me.

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Also where is the firewall data plate?s.
On image 5365 under the horn. If you tell us the numbers it will be decoded.

The frame chassis numner is on a small plate nae the starter motor, often covered with oil & dirt.

The engine serial number is stamped on a machined section of the block near the distributer

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Based on the color of the engine this car has a newer engine than a '39. There were 4 versions. 193 had the dipstick down under the distributor. 1940-47 had the dipstick up near the firewall. 1948-50 Series 40 had the dipstick near the firewall and there were bosses near the front of the block for side mounted front motor mounts used after 1947. The 1951-53 was a 263 cid engine with all of the 1948-50 features plus a totally different water pump that does not have the large hose connecting the water pump to the thermostat housing, but instead has a hose the size of heater hose.

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