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Hershey Update - Best year ever.

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Lots of talk about the hobby in a downslide. We only deal in pre war cars, and this year was the best we ever had for sales, high traffic, and more foreigners than ever. Rumors of the hobby's demise are just not true. Supply and demand may change car values but the cars are not going away. Things in the hobby are looking up. Most other vendors seem to agree. Drive you car and enjoy! Ed

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It was a great year at Hershey, I arrived at noon on Tuesday and finally was so tired left about 1 pm Friday.

I set up and sold a bunch of junk out of my warehouse Wednesday morning only, and sales were great. The rest of the time I walked the fields, met with friends new and old, and manned the Pierce booth for a while.

Did I make any money? No, not really, and I feel sorry for anyone who uses that as the only measure of a "great year" at Hershey....I've been in this hobby 50 years, and now it's much more about the people and friendships, and yes of course the cars, but more about the people.

While walking the field, one of my best friends made an interesting observation. When we were young and had numerous cars we were working on, we had a long list of things we need, but very little money. Now, in our older years, we have the money to comfortably do things, but our list of needs is very short. Maybe that doesn't apply to everyone, but it sure does to me!

Agree with Ed, one of the best years ever, although miss the grass and mud, that asphalt is rough walking on older knees!

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I agree Ed. I was there walking the field on Thursday. Mostly went to see my friends and make some new ones. The cars and parts are just an excuse to go. I did find one spare rim for my 1915 Buick at the end of the first row I looked around. :) Dandy Dave!

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Trimacar, You aren't the only one missing the grass and mud, well, the grass any way. Not to bore those who have seen this before but for those who haven't, and for nostalgic "mudders" of which I admit I am after 52 years at Hershey, here is the evidence, a petrified chunk I scraped from the underside of my old former "Hershey wheels".

Just for auld lang syne.

Dave H.


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