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Archaeologist Needs Help Identifying Early Buick Car

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When looking in my oldest parts book 1916 and up,in 1922 there are a first type and a second type of wheel on 1922,maybe that`s the differans is wooden felloes or steel felloes?In that case the wooden felloe wheel can belong to the body.?

Leif in Sweden.

My 1921 has steel felloes and so does my 1922... the rims are not interchangeable. So type 1 on 1922 is probabably a carry over from 1921.

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There was an attempt to coast to coast across Canada all the way by car around 1930/31, and they used a McLaughlin Buick, and started on the East coast in Halifax N.S., and had to abandon the attempt around present day Thunder Bay, then known as Port Arthur. My understanding is that they used a new car at the time, so this sounds like it would too old, as the whereabouts of the actual car they used is not known.


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Hi, the car seems period correct, the valve rocker arrangement dates it 1919 to 1923

The casting number on the block 37858 dates it 1919 to 1922

so 1923 is out

the cowl shape indicates it is a 1921/22

If the vehicle has cowl lights on the side of the cowl or the remains of what they once were I would guess 1922

no cowl lights I would say 1921, The engine number if original would tell an exacting story and there would have been a little oval aluminium plate on the left side rear chassis horn wrap around , if that is still visible that would be of help

it is definately in the 1921/22 year range, everything looks as it should be there are no mysteries , If the wheel base measured center front stub axle to cent of diff housing hole where the axle once was is 118 inch it probably a 40 series Mods 44 45 46 47

if on the 124 inch wheelbase it will be a model 49/50

Engine number on a raised boss on the front left side of the motor 713400 upwards possibly to 767947 are the 1921 engine numbers

1922 numbers 783007 and upwards. I am the moderator of a Yahoo Groups Website called Teen Buicks, If you were to post some photos and a story of the car I can place it in the site

also the models 49 & 50 used a much heavier differential that the smaller wheelbase

Sincerely Vaughn Gunthorpe

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