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Hershey Car Corral Photos plus....

Dandy Dave

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So Many Cars! :cool: So little time. As usual, a big mix of beauty flowing from every foot step.1909 Pierce, Mack Jr. 1916 Essex, 1941 Ford Woody. Will be adding between doing other stuff, so keep coming back. Enjoy :) Dandy Dave!









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47 Oldsmobile, 1930 Model A Ford and cars lined up. The crowd was steady flow. 1955 Cadillac Convertible, Rolls Royce, Locomobile, Regal Roadster. I did not know which one to bring home, so I left with only a rim for my 15 Buick. No room in the garage anyway. ;) Dandy Dave!











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Love the photos and the weather looks perfect.

For those of us that have never been can you post shots of the swap meet action ? Preferably rare pre-war vintage literature and misc parts.

Two more years until my first visit.. I can't wait to see it in person

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I was there yesterday. Could not stay for today. I did take some photos and posted then a number of years ago from on top of the hill across the street of the flee market. Looks pretty much the same from that distance. I'll see if I can find them. Oh.. and more photos from this year. :cool: 1929 Peerless, Ford Model T Produce Peddler's Truck, Land Rover. Reminds me of the ones they used in Mutual of Omaha's Wild Kingdom with Marlin Perkins. 1911 Cadillac, Morris Minor 1000, Maxwell AB. Dandy Dave!












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Nice Photos Barry Brown. :cool: I saw the OX5 Curtis Engine sitting next to what was left of the airplane. Anyone that wants to, please add more photos, or stories, of Hershey 2014 if you have any. Dandy Dave!

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Can anyone tell me if the 1938 Buick Convertible cpe. was sold?

Thank you

Al Storrs

I'm not sure if it sold but i took a good look at it as I was trying to find comps for my Chrysler and it had a bit of bondo in the Quarters at the bottom. They didn't quite match the contour of the doors. I think the tail pan had the same issue. I didn't pick it apart any further. They all look good in photos though.

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Guest Skyking
I also had a great time at Hershey Here are a few photos.

Barry, did you happen to get the price of that Matador Barcelona coupe?? I had one just like that back in the 70's..................

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Guest Skyking
Unfortunately not, but I did take 2 photos as it looked so homely and unloved ( and how often do you see one!)


I think if I did go to Hershey this year, I might've driven that home. I just love odd ball cars......and that one looks like it's in great shape. Thanks for posting!!

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