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Recently Barry Eaton a frequent poster advised me that he would be in Indiana this month, and suggested we get together and meet for the first time.

Today he and his brother drove the approx. 60 miles from his home town of Frankfort, In.

He and his bride now live in the Austin, Texas area, they are in Indiana visiting family.

We had. GREAT visit, Barry is fun guy, very knowledgable Buick person that I considered a pleasure to meet and visit with.

After a nice visit in our living room with my BRIDE and myself Barry asked to see my Buick hand made models, my shop, and our two Buick's.

I think he was a bit surprised to see how small the Vette LT-1 looks down in the engine compartment, YEP it looks LOST.

GREAT visit, and my bride and I WELCOME any of you that get the area, FOR SURE.

Thanks Barry for taking the time to stop by.

Dale in Indy

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If you are in Indianapolis, take Dale up on his offer to stop by.... we had a great visit and viewed his builds. I failed to take pictures of his models but did get a picture of the 41 Limited. He does an amazing job of model making in addition to various original sculptures in the house. It is humbling to be in the presents of such a talanted person.....and he is really nice.

Thanks Dale for the tour and we will see you in Springfield.

There is also a little know, small car collection in Frankfort IN. So if you are in the Central Indiana area...north of Indy, check out the cars at Goodwins Funeral Home in Frankfort. They will show you the cars, at no charge, go to the funeral home and ask to view the cars. They will gladly show them ...unless there is a funeral. They have 2 Dusenburgs, '37 Cord, 39 Cadillac 75 convertible, 40 Cadillac 75 convertible, 37 Packard V12 sedan, TUCKER, 48 Plymouth woody (they were built in Frankfort) 2 post-war Indy race cars, one is a Miller, plus some old engines. They also have a Lincoln (Abe) collection located in the funeral home if that is of interest. A hidden gem.

PS on our way to Indiana, we stopped in Springfield to get a feel for the area where the 2015 meet is being held. We exited the interstate and it is so close that we drove south right past it. I had failed to put the street address in my travel folder and drove at least a mile south before giving up and used the Garmin to find the place. It is a busy street with plenty of resturants and good old Walmart is within a couple of blocks of the Ramada. The one thing I failed to do was check out a rear entrance as it could be a problem going left out of the hotel entrance because of traffic.

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72GS455, for some reason I couldn't load pictures, but now all seems ok.

Here are the latest builds, all from scratch, no plans, no kits, all approx. 30" in length. The Hot Rod FuturLiner Bus was a 400 plus hour build. I am building a 32" walnut Locomotive at present, it is approx 75% finished, turned the wheels tonight.

Since these pic's were taken, the Locomotive tail has been painted the maroon to.

Dale in Indypost-67970-14314277926_thumb.jpg



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