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1st. Gen rear coil spring plates on lower arms missing? And why my car sits higher on pass side.


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I was reading and ROA article. Vol. 7 No. 5 page 10, And noticed that there are supposed to be coil spring plates on the bottom trailing arms. My 64 doesn't have them. Should I have them?

I bought the car lowered and I put it back to 2" over stock. The plates were never there and I thought it odd when I was replacing them.

Also, my car sits higher in the rear on the pass side. What is the cause of this? Was thinking of installing a shim under the driver's spring to correct this.

But it would have to be a 1/2" shim or plate which seems a bit thick.

Thanks for any info.

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Guest clamshells

Both of my 65's have the spacers on the driver side only. If the passenger side is higher the spring may be seated incorrectly. If I remember correctly the rear spring end of coil should extend 25/32" past the control arm, anymore or less can and will raise or lower the car side to side. The stock shim is 3/32" so 1/2" is more likely the springs are incorrectly "clocked" to the control arm.

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I was wondering if they needed to be clocked. I will try that first before I try something different. I had the thought that my front spring on the driver's side was too

weak. But I really don't want to mess with it as was very difficult to install.

Thanks for the replys

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