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"Jon Boschen's Classic Industrial Film Showcase" No. 2 "Direct Mass Selling's Technicolor Harmony"

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Jon Boschen's Classic Industrial Film Showcase" No. 2:

"Direct Mass Selling's Technicolor Harmony"

Two 1930's Jam Handy films, "Color Harmony" (1938) and "Seeing Green" (1937), are the subject in this installment of "Jon Boschen's Classic Industrial Film Showcase". Both films were produced by the Jam Handy Organization and were entries in the studio's iconic short film series being produced for Chevrolet, 'Direct Mass Selling'. Unlike other entries in the series which consisted of either black and white live action films or Technicolor animated cartoons, these two films utilized the black and white to Technicolor technique as a way to enhance their subject matter.

It is now available for viewing on youtube:


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