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Guest 1940windsor

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Guest 1940windsor

I do have detailed pictures of each one, I can email them direct from my computer if requested. The S5 with the complete handle is not available. All lights are untested and will require rewiring.

I'll reduce price for multiple items.

Unity S5: Ford cap, no lens, no handle, rusted handle mount, small dents in housing, chrome pitting. $20 plus actual shipping cost.

Unity S5: GM cap, no handle assembly, no housing base end cap, dents in housing, chrome pitting, damage to chrome on shaft. $20 plus actual shipping cost

Unity Model F: GOOD mirror, no handle assembly, no bulb support ring, minor chrome pitting, minor wear on shaft, shaft is jammed (gears are not meshed as if the shaft got slammed back and got stuck. Head moves freely but shaft does not). $20 plus actual shipping cost

Guide S18: chrome pitting, no mirror or mirror mounting hardware, rust in bulb, shaft support rusted, some sort of coating on some of the chrome that does come off. $20 plus actual shipping cost.

X2 Guide 2025A: 5" fogs on bumper brackets. Rust, chrome peeling, mounting bolts bent (just carriage bolts). $20 shipped

Unity ?H1?: dents in ring, rust, chrome peeling, mounting bolt seized. $10 shipped

Mounting brackets:

11L: comes with shaft bushing and inner shaft support. Has wear and a section of peeled chrome, missing bushing screw. $20 shipped

17L: comes with shaft bushing and inner shaft support. Has wear and a small spot of peeled chrome by screw hole. $20 shipped.

TruckLite 7" round LED headlights. These are DOT approved headlights with standard 3 prong wiring. Comes with wiring that I used to hook them up in my truck along with TruckLite octagon mounting brackets (for aux mounting). These will take place of any 7" round headlights and produce a white light. Note for those in snow zones, these DO NOT produce enough heat to melt snow or ice off the lenses. I had these mounted behind my grill on my truck, so bugs and impacts are minimal and lenses are clear. $220 shipped



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Guest 1940windsor

Willing to sell all unity and guide lights and parts for $100 plus actual shipping cost. Or everything for $270 plus actual shipping cost.

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