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It's getting worse before getting better


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Looks like the trans is mostly okay for a transplant. Found the mysterious grommet thing at a dealer, no problem. However, the root problem remains unsolved and now the search is moving to the crank thrust bearing.<P>Does anyone make a T-shirt that says "I spent 2 weeks underneath a truck and all I got were these lousy oil stains"<P>Funny how projects balloon like this.<P>Cheers,<BR>Bry

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sounds like the guy that brought a 76 Monte Carlo in for a tune up. First the cam was worn then after th tear down of the engine to replace the cam found a lot of play in the timing chain.After digging deaper we found alot of play in the crank.He decided on a used engine. We found one with 11,000 miles.Now the silver lining, the total bill was $100.00 because of his extended warantee. About $20.00 more than the tune up!<P>------------------<BR>Mike<BR><A HREF="http://1964cadillac.carsouth.com" TARGET=_blank>1964 Cadillac & Cars from the 40`s to 70`s<P>FREE! Cadillac parts posting</A><p>[This message has been edited by 64 Cadillac (edited 05-10-2000).]

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