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Lube for window tracks


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Whats the best way to lube the window tracks. Finally back in the garage after the summer and putting the rear windows back in the car and the rollers and tracks feel dry and rough moving the glass manually. I cleaned it all up before putting the parts back in but its not as smooth as I had hoped

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With the door and quarter panels off, you have easy access to the window tracks, and linkage. Remove all the old lubricant from the tracks and apply a new coating of 'Lubriplate' white lithium grease to the tracks. Make sure all the pivot points for the window mechanisms are lightly oiled and move freely, as the steel parts are prone to rusting and seizing over the years of exposure to moisture and dust, or lack of use. Operate the windows several times to ensure new lubricant is 'worked in' and the operation of the window is smooth without hesitation. Make sure all the rubber channels are clean and use a little silicone base lube, or 'Armoral' to keep the rubber pliable and prevent the glass from binding or sticking.

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