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1936 special door checks


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Years ago when I took by 36 special apart I took off the door checks and straightened them. Didn't think all bent about the same so may be that is how they should be. Now I know and taking off to put the curve back in them. Discovered that one set is longer than the other two. Don't know if the longer are for the fronts or the rear doors. Kinda assume the longer are for front doors as the doors are larger but would like to know if anyone knows. Checked my parts book and the checks have different parts numbers but still don't know which is the longer set. If anyone knows can drop me a reply at cookr@oge.com. Appreciate any help. Thanks in advance.


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Interesting--I've removed mine and bent them as the photos from my car when removed shows both bent. Mine also about one inch longer. It is has been pointed out that the two for the rear are threaded where pivot located all the way to collar whereas the fronts are not threaded that far. I hadn't noticed before but that is accurate as the fronts won't even fit, threaded part not long enough, to fit on rear doors. Are your checks installed? Would seem they would hit the door pillar cut out when door opened all the way.

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