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1939 Mercury Convertible top

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Hello, I am in the assembly process of a 1939 Mercury convertible. We are at the stage where we are setting up the convertible top bows. They have been somewhat taken apart. I have looked at a friends '40 and apparently there is a difference. Does anyone have any photos of how they are supposed to look when assembled properly. post-103310-143142760923_thumb.jpgThis is what I am dealing with. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you


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Here's a web page showing the irons in place, this particular shop is chopping the convertible top, but two of the pictures shown with irons up should help you figure it out.

Tell your trimmer to be prepared to do some minor changes to the fabric of the top, if you buy a kit...been there, done that...just not a good chance it will fit right the first time...


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