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While this is not a tech question, I thought it was an experience worthy to pass along. I was having a rich mixture problem with my 48 Packard Super 8. Checked timing; dwell; air/fuel ratio and all were okay. Put a vacuum gauge on and it showed 18 inches and steady. The book says "late valve timing" which didn't make sense because everything was right on the money. I then checked vacuum advance and the mechanical advance and they seemed okay, too. But the car would carbon foul a set of plugs in less than 50 miles. <P>Finally, I pulled the distributor, removed the breaker plate and sure enough, after 52 years, the governor weights were shot. They still pulled the weights in, but by hardly turning the shaft, it went into full advance. After putting in new springs, and re-installing the distributor, the timing was at TDC instead of the previous 6 degrees it was set at.<P>The reason I am sharing this is just a reminder to all the shadetree mechanics restoring older vehicles that sometimes what we take for granted as "lasting forever" doesn't. By the way, the car runs perfect and after 60 miles, the plugs are as clean as when they went in. Like I said, just a reminder not to overlook some of the minor stuff buried under the hood.

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Chris NJ - Thanks for sharing this. It is definitely the type of technical experience we need. As a friend of mine (HVS) says, 90% of all carb problems are electrical (or was it the other way around). Anyway, your experience was a good reminder that with the old tin, we often have to look beyond the obvious for a solution. And now that you've proven yourself as a real contributor, why don't you register and become a real DFer. Welcome in advance!

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