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"36 Coupe for sale

Hudsy Wudsy

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I know that this one's pricey, but it sure is nice to see one as complete as this coupe seems to be. If any of you know someone looking to restore on of our favorite cars, this would be a great candidate. It breaks my heart to think that a sweetheart of a car like this one will likely end up with a "crate engine" in it and a purple paint job:




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I would say that the price is more than fair.

Thank you for that. I agree. Especially when you consider all of the work that goes into finding missing parts or welding up rusty fenders and floors. I've gotten in the habit of saying things like, "It's maybe a little pricey", or "Maybe he'll come down some on the price" when I post cars for sale anywhere on the AACA site. Why? Because instead of someone writing "Gee, that's a nice car." or "Thank you for bringing that to our attention." I often get terse like responses like "Way too much!" or "the guys crazy!" I only bother to post these because every day that goes by who knows how many cars like this get hacked up by unskilled dreamers. Geez, it seems that whatever their ill conceived plans are, the first thing that they do is discard the seats and driveline.

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