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Mrs Dunning can drive that Packard very well. It would be a bit of a hand full to drive too! My sound is not working, so I couldn't hear what she had to say, but she is an amazing woman. She knows how to take care of a car very well. Thanks for posting.

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I liked it a few years ago when it first made the rounds of the internet, as well. There is another one out there with the original "innocent" owner of a black '55 Chevy.

She was 101 in 2011 and had bought the car in 1949. The story of the purchase would have been more interesting.

It is almost 2015 and I am 66. I bought my 1964 Riviera in 1978; 35 years to go. I plan on making it, plus.

Her concours car is a little different. My stuff is always a work-in-progress. My Packard and I have been together since June. So we are still making friends with each other. The relationship is a bit casual. You know, "I'm going to the diner for coffee. Wait for me in the parking lot."

post-46237-143142760051_thumb.jpg Bernie


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