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1947 nash 600 coupe rusty unibody help


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My first car (in 1981) was a 1947 Nash 600 Sedan that gradually became very rusty. I did not have the skills to repair the car myself at the time as I was a high school student. My advice would be to learn how to weld (if you do not yet know how. if you do you are good) and to make sure the doors line up before making repairs. My sedan got so rusty that the front passenger door would not open and close properly. Check to make sure the pillar is solid under the front doors as that was a weak place in the design of these cars. If you are at that point you may need an additional car as a donor. May the force be with you!


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My dad had one of those, I believe he got it through my uncle, who worked for Nash at the time. His was a two tone brown coupe with a factory installed spotlight. He threw a rod traveling down highway 33 in Wisconsin, returning from a day of duck hunting at the Horicon marsh. I recently relayed this story to a current Nash owner and he said the cause of the breakdown was likely do to the fact that the car didn't have overdrive. Like my dad said, "it died of a heart attack!" I have pictures of it somewhere, I'll try to post. Good luck, I'd like to see you put your's together.

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