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Help me identify these wheels, please?


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I have two wire wheels. spokes in pairs for a total of 40 spokes per wheel. approx 20 1/2" diameter, 5" tread width (although tread width is hard to gauge without tires).<P>Six lug bolt pattern, lugs look to me to be at least 3/4" in diamater, although I didn't try to measure them. Rims have a lock ring and hubcap diameter is approx 8 1/2" to possibly as much as 9"<P><BR>Obviously, these are for a BIG car. I'm thinking Packard, Caddy, etc. If this is enough of a description for any of you to identify, I would be much obliged for the information.<P>Sincerely,<BR>Ben Wheeler<BR>Member0153@aol.com<BR>

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