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Fun, turn key, C7 Airstream Roadster that will be a wonderful rare addition to your collection

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Here is your chance to own a very rare 1936 Chrysler C7 Airstream rumbleseat roadster convertible

This was Chrysler's Contemporary car for 1936 to help fill the void left when they debuted the Airflow.

It was almost twice the price of a Ford and the top of Mopar's lineup. Don't compare it to a Plymouth. They are not the same car. The engineering is superior to a Ford with hydraulic brakes , front sway bar, independent suspension, oil filtration system etc.

These very rarely (we are talking years) come up for sale as very few examples exist from a run of 450 cars.

This particular car just oozes art deco styling. From the Hood ornament to the streamlined trim and even tail light bezels.

A walk around her will show you just how clean this car is. No rot ever in the floors cowl, doors or quarters. Almost impossible to find in a Convertible of any make or year. Obviously the result of having been stored inside for probably most of it's life.

The chrome is a balance of very nice original pieces, some older and fresh rechrome as well as a few New Old Stock pieces.

Turn on the ignition, a single pump of the accelerator, a push of the button and the engine rumbles to life almost effortlessly thanks to the fully automatic choke and time spent to make this car run like it should. Not seen on many cars of the era.

The engine runs very smooth due to the recent heavy mechanical restoration including a complete rebuild of the engine including Pistons, rings, bearings, Valve job, timing gears etc.

Nothing was left untouched under the hood and it shows with a quick glance under the Butterfly hood. Nice paint and correct finishes everywhere.

A trip out on the road reveals just how nice she drives. Power in the hills because of the 241 Cube 95 HP 6.

The original front end is in great shape and she handles the corners very well because of the factory sway bar. No excessive play or wandering.

Stopping is provided by the completely rebuilt brake system filled with Silicone fluid to prevent future corrosion to ensure years of trouble free driving.

The exhaust has just the right tone through the brand new stainless steel exhaust system (so you will never need to replace it) with period deflector.

A look at the gauges and you will see the attention to detail. Everyone functioning as it should.

Wow just look at that dash. Beautiful tigered mahogany woodgraining on everything and nicely polished nickel plated accents. Wonderful original marbled knobs on everything. No poor replacements. Even correct brand new glove boxes.

A night time drive and you'll enjoy the glow of all those original lights. Everyone working as you would expect it to.

The interior is inviting with original impossible to find polished sill plates, nice matt and pedals. Good tufted upholstery that's very inviting.

Look at that steering wheel, an accessory banjo wheel atop a polished stainless steel column. Very classy for such a sporty car.

The rumble area is very inviting as well with very nice upholstery complimenting the passenger compartment.

The exterior has a nice shine but has some issues you would expect on a car with a single repaint that's nearly 50 years old.

All new glass side windows in fully repolished frames.

Too many new parts have gone into the mechanical restoration to list to ensure the car will perform and be a pleasure to drive for years to come.

Don't pass up possibly a once in a lifetime chance to own a car you may never see again. Convertibles will never go down in Value and have so much positive equity that any continuation of work should only proportionately add to the value.

It's ready to enjoy now or take to the next level if the show field is your thing.

Included is a very rare original fully restored Philco radio. The correct head is in the dash and the box, also fully restored, is included.

I even have a set of beautiful factory fender skirts with wonderful original die cast Correct Chrysler ornaments included with the sale of the car.

I'm looking for a very fair $39,500. That's not alot when you are talking an open 30's car that's this rare, stylish and ready to drive.

I may consider full or partial trades. 1970 and older. The older the better!







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Just back from Hershey. Figured I should bring this to the top. Nothing like it in this price range at Hershey so for those who didn't go, now is your chance to do better than you would of at Hershey. Almost makes me want to keep it but I'm on the trail of an Auburn and need to free up the funds and space.

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Still available and 20 percent cheaper than a comparable Packard with just as much style and definitely rarer. I just picked up a pair of NOS grille moldings for it. I can't imagine there are many of those out there. There is a big tote of NOS mostly service parts included as well in the sale depending on the final price.

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Auburn Seeker:


Aside from being surprised that you still have this car, I've got an all original '36 Airstream business coupe that I have been playing with for the last couple of years that we might want to talk about a deal with a trade. Any interest?


Still have your fender skirts and they fit nice,



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