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Is this '65 from one of our ROA colleagues?


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Hey Darren,

Yes, that's what I thought. And those wheels...

I usually go to the November and/or February McCormick auctions in Palm Springs but this year I'll be going slightly before then. Still, I expect McCormick's showroom will already be chock-full of classic cars, and vintage Buicks do pretty well in SoCal, just behind the Cadillacs. McCormick is very good about posting actual transaction prices so maybe the seller and the (potential) buyer will both be happy. My '63 is finally in the shop this week for a conversion to a dual master cylinder so I'll let the forum know how that went. I remember years ago, when I lived in NY, that my local gas station had a sign that read "You don't bring a coffee shop ham and eggs to cook your breakfast so don't bring us your parts." To this day I ask if I can source my own parts and my guy always says sure - save me the headache on a 51 year-old car! So I sourced a vacuum booster, dual m/c, Dewey's booster seal, and a check valve for a '67. I want to be confident that stopping this 2+ ton car will not turn into any unneeded drama.

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Unless you're seeing something I'm not, those are stock '65 tail lights.


Okay, I expanded the pic much larger and realize it was an optical delusion:p The reflection on the bumper corner and the angle made it appear to my eye that he had raised the center section of the bumper, placing the lights higher from the ground. So......never mind. :rolleyes:

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