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ISO Location of a Cutlass convertible 1968


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In 1968 I pruchased a new 1968 Cutlass convertible in Wichita Kansas, I sold it a couple of years later and have wished for many years that I could find the car. The serial number is 336678M385517. It was purchased May 29th 1968 for a total of $3720.39. It was red with black interior.

Any body that has done research might have a clue what happened to this car.

Any help would be appreciated


Chuck Kerls


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Hey Chuck,


Since you have the VIN, have you checked with the local DMVs to see if they may have any record of it?  Probably too old & such, but ... might be worth a chance?



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I have checked with the Hiway Patrol and no luck.

I found where the car that was 3 numbers before mine but no such luck for mine

I would think that the car has been scrapped many years ago or it is lurking in some garage and has not been out for many years...I keep looking.


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