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1-6 GREAT Fall Carlisle spaces on Corvette Row - the main row, available for sublet (to rent)

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Sublet (Rent) 1-6 GREAT spaces (for a VERY REASONABLE COST - NO premium), right in the middle of this week's Fall Carlisle Flea Market on CORVETTE (I) ROW - the "main street" for the whole Fall Carlisle Flea Market. The total area for all 6 of these spaces is 30' wide by 60' deep (3 side by side 10' x 30' spaces, which are 2 spaces deep - ie each 10' wide x 60' deep, ie drive thru spaces - they front on both I Row - Corvette Row - and H Row, very close to building T, which is the new, big, red metal building which has the Carlisle Flea Market store and bank in it). You can rent 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 or all 6 spaces, basically for the out of pocket costs. These are IDEAL SPACES to sell a car or cars, surplus parts or your automotive related products - or, just park right in the middle of the flea market and avoid all of the parking hassles and SAVE A LOT OF WALKING - you can drive right into the flea market every day and park in the heart (center) of it and also save the admission fees (for EVERYONE in your vehicle) which are included with a space rental (and, again, save a lot of walking) . Possible renewal rights for next year and beyond, for both Fall and Spring Carlisle. Again, these are REALLY GREAT spaces which are only available due to a friend's inability to attend the meet any longer due to business commitments. Thank you. Call, text or email me for more details. Herb Singe 908-868-4006 olcaherb@juno.com

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