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Well, It Look Like I'll Have To Sell My Old 37 Pontiac

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I hate the idea of selling it, but due to serious health issues, I may have no choice. I will be sure and list it here, but was wondering if any of you that have sold an old car had any luck by contacting any local car clubs? Of course, I can also list it on Craig's list, but I sure that there will be some nuts I will have to deal with. Got any other ideas?

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Sorry things aren't working out like you hoped on all fronts. I've enjoyed reading your exploits here on the Discussion Forums. If I were going to sell a car like yours, I would try going down to the bottom of the page on the list of forums and hit the Horseless Carriages Forum. Near the top is a link to the Horseless Carriage Club of America. Go there, not the foundation, and look for the "Classified, Cars For sale" section. Oddly enough, they have a fair amount of 20s and 30s cars like ours for sale. I wouldn't try to sell a '59 Chev there, but last time I looked, there was a '39-this and a '33-that FS. We don't want no '42 and newer stuff, I think they said.

It's also all serious antique car people on the site....so people are there to look for old cars, not used baby clothes and water skis like they are on craigslist and ebay. AND they get a ton of traffic. Of course, the Pontiac and Buy/Sell Forums here on the AACA might work, too....as well as Hemmings Motor News.

Sounds like I'm selling you something. Not a member. I think they charge $40 or $50 for an ad with photos for non-members ($25 for members), and they have a limited text-only ad that's free. I like looking at the HCCA Classifieds just for the neat cars that pop up.


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