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1925 Jewett Questions

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They are an assembled car or sometimes referred to as an orphan car.

In other words that means they would typically buy most of the car,ie axles,trans,engines from someone already making them.

They would design and build mostly the bodies.

All that said makes a difference in value weather or not it is a roadster or touring.(Roadster typically more desirable).

Typically a moderate to low end range of price auto.

Pics would help determine the value of the one you have located.

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As mentioned, Jewett was part of Paige-Detroit, later Paige, and when the Paige died in 1927 it was sold to the Graham Bros, who reorganized as Graham-Paige (Std Cat)...

There's a graham-paige.com website; if you're lucky, that's the place to start for info, altho it may not cover Jewett as, technically, it was not "Graham built"...

Parts availability depends--

Std cat says Paige "...built all its own engines...thru WWI years...Paiges of the Twenties carried Continentals..."...

The point here is that if your 1925 has a Paige built engine it may well be harder to find parts for than a Cont'l engine...conversely, Paige could've used a Cont'l, or other, design that they built under license, and the same or very similar engines may've been used in other makes...

A 1930 McCord gasket catalog lists some confusing/contradictory engine info:


Jewett Motor, 6cyl, Passenger. 22-24. Paige Light 6, 1918-21. Models 42, 44 (two motors, 31/8x5 and 31/4x5)...

Jewett Motor, 6cyl, Passenger. Model 1923-25. Paige 6-65. 1926-27, a 31/2x5.

The Jewett "New Day" 1926-27 models are shown as having Cont'l motors...


Paige, 6cyl, Passenger: ten or so models 1915-25 with 5 different Cont' s, and a Rutenber, plus one "Jewett" (contradicting Std Cat re WWI period engines)...

Paige Motor, 6cyl. Passenger. 1926-27. Jewett 6cyl 1925-26...the 31/4x5 above, WHICH HAD A CYL HEAD ANd PoSSIBLY ENGINE CHANGE IN LATE 1926 (you'll note this doesn't match listings under Jewett...)...

AS mentioned above, they apparently used the other parts from "vendors", and those parts could easily be off-the-shelf parts used in other makes, unless built by said vendors to Paige specs...

Parts catalogs, of course, are hardly definitive references, as you can see; a couple other period catalogs do agree to the extent that the 25 Jewett is shown with "own" engine, altho this, too, is unreliable as many m'f'r's who used vendor engines passed them off as in-house designs...With sympathy, Bud

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Thank you folks. Today was my deadline. You have provided me with the information I was seeking. The car is not quite as expensive and sought after as was suggested to me. I can also see where replacement parts may well become a problem. Thank you once again. Wayne

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