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Thank God, not my 65 Electra


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Just think of the fun you could have at the Nationals with that car.. Modified would need a new class for Lowriders.

I bet you would attract attention. Now would it be good attention ?

Heck, that could even be a Bugle cover car.

And by that you mean Quilt cover don't you Bill:)

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Well, this makes buick man stop and step back for a moment. Fellas, take another closer look at things. I mean this car has had a lot of passion and dedicated effort put into it. Really. A lone wolf project for sure but for the asking price how could any of you guys go wrong with this car. An attention getter for sure. Took a lot of time to do just the back door cattle chute not to mention the reverse trunk and front hood and that steering wheel is pure jungle. An art form in and onto itself. Shag me baby, yeah~!

But in the end the nagging had to stop and little woman put her foot down and this Jackson Pollack car artist at large had to make a decision one way or the other.

This is how the story ends:


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