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Location(s) of VIN/Serial # on 47 Chrysler

Joe Cocuzza

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Is the VIN/Serial # on a 47 Chrysler located anywhere else other than the front driver side door pillar?

Is there a # stamped on the frame somewhere?

Also, is there any way possible to come up with the VIN/Serial # by using the original engine #/date codes/body # as a reference ?

I have contacted the Chrysler Historical Society and they can't help.

Thanks, Joe

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On ‎9‎/‎19‎/‎2014 at 0:42 AM, c49er said:


The engine# is stamped on the frame side rail behind the LR tire on the kick up arch of the frame.. Clean /sand it well and you will see it.


Blakes C39 3 pass cpe  Frame VIN #.JPG

Hey C49er (Bob)


I hate to ask but could you send/post a picture of this again but include more view of the frame?

The reason I ask is because I need to see exactly where the #'s are located on the frame and seeing more of the frame can give me a better reference point.

Are they on the "outside" rail of the frame or the "inside" rail of the frame".

Would a 1946 Chrysler have these stamps, too?

Also, when you say "LR tire" is that passenger or drivers side? I never could get that to sink into my head.

Thanks, Joe 

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