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What to do with this 1928 Buick 2 door sedan


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So tucked in a back corner of the shop is a 1928 Buick, serial number 1927382. I'm wondering if there is a way to save it. It is a complete car. The owner did or had a lot of the mechanical work done and was driving it until he took it apart to replace some of the wood. He had 3 of the fenders repaired, all metal, no filler, in primer.

So there sits this huge old Buick. I understand even restored it's not worth a lot. Is it worth anything to anybody? Does anyone have any suggestions what to do with this. It would be wonderful if someone completed the restoration, but is it worth it?

Car is located near Sacramento, CA and has a California title.








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I dare not ask the location.

It isn't about the cash value for a lot of us in the hobby, although that is a factor. If no one is interested enough to save this car, hopefully it will be used to keep another one on the road. There is a lot of value in having something that is unique.

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The Buick is pushed back up against the wall, so it's kind of hard to get a picture. The missing sheet metal is part of the fender. ("repaired, all metal, no filler, in primer.") The fender covers the place where there is no sheet metal. The last picture shows it in best detail.

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