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Need starter for 1922 Continental engine

Guest cb36t

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I would like to find a starter for a continental six in a 1922 Elcar. Does anyone have any ideas where I can find one, or who I can contact to get information on this?


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Durant and Star used Auto-Lite

1920-1922 Elcar 6 starter was Delco 164 or 181

Also using Delco 181:

Bay State 191922-25

Case 1923-27

Davis 1920-25

Hanson 1921-25

Jordan 1921 MX 1922 F

Moon 1923 6-8 1923-24 6-48 and 6-58 1925-27 London

Noma 1920-22

Patterson 1920-22 6-47 1922-23 22-6-52

Sayers 1920-21 D & P

Sayers-Scoville 1923-24 C and GL

Wescott 1920 B&C-38 1921 C-38 1922-23 A,B-44 1923-25 C,H-44

Also using Delco 164:

Davis 1920-21

Hanson 1920

Patterson 1920 6-47

As you can see, they are all a bit obscure. If you do not have a starter then a hard search may be in order. If you do have one that is rebuildable then that is probably the way to go!

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CB: Haven't been in site for awhile; just noticed your starter post...

While I'm sure Laydens info is reliable (I'm assuming he has a starter ref independent of engine makers ID)...which cont'l is in your 1922 seems to be a matter of who you ask...

(A) Std Cat US Cars shows a 4 and 6 for 1922: the 22-K-4 4cyl and the 22-7-R for the 6. Since my old catalogs list a Lycoming K or KB for the 4, we can probably assume it was the Cont 7R in the 6 (the 7W is listed for various 1918-19 6s)...

(B) 1930 McCord gasket catalog lists a model 60 6cyl 1919-24 using Cont'l 7R and/or?? 8R---the 7R seems to be 31/4 bore, the 8R 33/8. A number of cars that used the 7R are listed this way for the engines used (...7R-8R...). The catalogs do not state if options or the 8R replaced the 7R...

© a 1924 wrist pin catalog lists 6cyl LM, FH, KH, SK 1919-22 with the 7R, the 6-60, D, H, R, S, SS-L for 23-24 using the 8R...

(D) If that isn't confusing enough, a couple period catalogs list a model 7R (no years shown) using a Cont'l 7N (that McCord catalog lists the 7N as a solid head engine--no removable cyl head)...

While you probably have the 7R, take off whatever numbers and letters stamped or cast on the engine and try Garrad (Gerry/Jerry) Moon at Montes in Chicago (obsolete Cont'l parts dealers) who may be able to IF your engine and may have suggestions on a starter...with sympathy, Bud

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Saw your bump---assume it means your starter search not going smoothly (yes, bad joke!)...

Don't recall seeing your inquiry on other old car/truck/engine sites I follow...

Have you been able to positively ID which Cont'l engine you have??...if not, what cast/embossed/stamped numbers/letters can you find on your engine???

Have you tried any of the professional obsolete Ign/starter/gen dealers??...if not, try

(1) jason@aerrebuild.com (Advanced Elec Rebuilders)

(2) click on "sponsors" at the top of the page on smokstak; I believe there's at least one ign outfit--if no help may have suggestions to contact

Will check to ses if the 7R is listed with any trucks...

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1) Have you been able to positively ID your engine???

2) Have you been posting around for a Delco per Laydens' info, to at least compare dimensions, mounting, etc,  to see if it will at least go on?? (meshing correctly is a whole different question)...

I'm assuming you have no starter at all now, just the empty mounting hole???

3) Have you counted the teeth on the flywheel?? (you mark the flywheel, pull the plugs to make the engine easier to rotate, and count carefully) AND made a rough estimate of the tooth configuration?? AND measured the distance from the mounting to the flywheel teeth?? That's to be able to post for a 1922 period Cont'l six starter to fit a --- tooth flywheel with --- type teeth, with a ---  hole mounting on -- inch centers with teeth --- inches from mounting (specify measuring from outside of mounting or inside), AND specify where starter located on your engine.

There're lots more Cont'l starters out there than 1922 Elcars; you could get lucky...

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Hi Bud,

It is a Continental red seal, I have posted on some other sites, and I will keep trying.You're right, just an empty hole and I have not counted the teeth or made measurements, but I will. I just started it yesterday (hand crank) for the first time since the mid 1970's, so that is very motivating. Thank you for your suggestions.

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Good luck with your search for a starter. Elcars are interesting cars. Our family had a '26 for about 60 years. By any chance do you have that Elcar 6 Touring Car that came out of Minot, North Dakota? I remember when that was for sale on E-bay a few years ago.


There's another Elcar owner who uses the AACA Forums, and I suggested to him that you guys get an Elcar Forum started here. He thought he'd be the only user, but it's an idea. Maybe there could be a category called "Stealth Classics" for makes like Elcar, Gardner and Jordan. Have you used the forum search function and typed in "Elcar"? I tried it once and got a lot of hits (use advanced search).

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Guest townsend

I am looking for a starter for a Continental model 7w six cyl engine in a 1916 Anderson auto. If you know who made the starter for this engine and/ or a starter model number, that would be great.

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As with the 7R above, your 7W, while it's listed by itself in a 30 McCord gasket catalog, is also listed as being used  in some 50 other makes, altho there's no telling from that list how many (if any) used your starter or one that could fit and work correctly in yours...

Clubs to try are

Auburn  (Auburn #39 1818-19)

Moon (6-30, 6-43, 6-45 1916-18)

Overland (#85 1917-19)

Velie (22, 28, 38 1916-19)   All from that catalog; not 100% reliable, but a place to start...

You might also contact cb36t above to find out what were dead ends and/or promising leads in his search....

I recall, from my misspent youth, someone replacing the starter on a 32 or 33 Chrysler product with a much later Chrysler product starter that seemed to fit and match well...but that thing SHRIEKED when it started; you could hear it a block away---no, you couldn't avoid hearing it a block away-- he swore he found no evidence of excessive wear, but I think he sold it quickly...

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