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1928 Chevrolet National Series AB Sedan - Trans Parts


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I am in need of the following parts for my 1928 Chevy National Series AB Sedan (4cyl)

361964 - Speedometer drive gear with driven gear (my parts list describes it as 4-11 teeth)

343881 - Universal joint assembly

348131 - Universal joint collar retainer including seal (seal part no. - 348259)

I am located in the UK and would appreciate any help in sourcing these parts.

Many thanks.

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I think I need the one I have but can look around in our area. There a number of early Chevs. The later 30 and 31 may fit but the cable comes out the other side to clear the exhaust. If you have to use a compensator to adjust the relationship between the rear end and the trans speedo gear they usually are configured in a 90 degree, so that may help.

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