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1935 Dodge Brothers pickup

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Interesting, better you than me

When my 35 was a hotrod before I brought it back from dark side

It had a 341 with duster rear end

Had disk brakes on front, drum on back

It would do 70.

Now with 208 and standard 3 speed and 4:11 rear with 17 rims and 7.0 tires it struggles to do 55 without screaming for relief

I like it better this way

I can enjoy the view as I drive

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since the engine is not original, I am not going 100% original. as countrytraveler said a year ago "I would just build the truck to comfort your sweet tooth" and so I am.  I do want to be able to move faster than 50 mph and not have the engine maxed out. I don't want a hot-rod and have no intention of going that direction.  30dodge35 - you and I are gonna talk.  thanks everybody for your feedback.

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The engine number (found on the driver side of the engine) will be the start. Then go to this page (http://www.t137.com/registry/help/otherengines/otherengines.php ) and scroll down to the part where they describe the starting letter of the engine number...click on the link that corresponds to your starting letter.

Mine starts with T538, meaning it is a 230 cu in motor from a 1957 K6 series truck.

I'm not 100% original on my truck either, but trying to be close enough ( with some performance improvements like dual carbs and an electronic ignition mod for 6v system, adding a Positive Crankcase Ventilation valve, and of course a larger engine than stock).

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post-121135-0-24429700-1441307574_thumb.Looks like Dave is giving you good advise

I just found thes link yesterday

Dave rode in the back of my 35 KC 2nd series at the DodgeBrothers 100 year centennial meet in Detroit

I will monitor link if you need parts or


Let me know

Charlie Minio advertised parts on EBay as HotRod Charlie




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