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1935 Dodge Brothers pickup

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Restoring it to original is out of the question now I guess.

You may be able to find the correct year engine. So the numbers don't "match"....not a great big deal to a lot of folks. Maybe only important if you expect to get top dollar for it when finished.

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Only a purist would know. I would just build the truck to comfort your sweet tooth. It would be very costly to try to put this back to original form. We have people on here that have been working on these for 10 plus years and still going.

Picture is our 34s. The blue one is in the Chry Museum in MI.




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Since my dad is terminally ill I plan to keep it and drive it. He gave it to me so it's kind of a sentimental thing. I'll just do the best I can to keep it original. I'm not going to get a different engine.

BTW-wheelbase is 111".

Sorry to hear, but if you are most of us on here the fun is just getting it back to usable condition and enjoy what you have put into it.....I'm going on 4 years with my 34 Dodge and still not close,,, but enjoy working on it,,,,therapy for some....

I may not be a good speller , but I do speak english.......Haha

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Do you think I should subscribe to a classic truck magazine?

No, I think you are better off Here" who can you talk to through a magazine?? here you can get direct answer to most if not all your restoring questions,plus scare up parts you may need through others on here that have them,,,

I like to think anything man made can be fixed,so never sweat the small stuff,it's the problems that can't be fixed by man that take thier toll........

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hey thx for the pics! they will help a lot.

From this:


To this:



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Be sure to have a bit of a soft touch when cleaning the frame to look for numbers. They are VERY lightly stamped. If you are too aggressive with the techniques used to find them (grinding wheels, industrial sandblasting, etc) you may create a bigger problem.

If that should happen though there are ways to try and recover the obliterated numbers, but it is much easier to do it judiciously the first time and save the trouble.

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