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1967 Chevrolet Camaro SS/RS Convertible Festival Pace Car 1 of the top 5 in country

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Submitted for your consideration is this limited production 1967 Chevrolet Camaro RS/SS festival Pacecar that rarely presents for sale outside well known higher end auction venues.Most true Pacecars reside largely in museums and private collections. This example does not have any race history, and is carefully documented. Owner is downsizing private collection to sell a few of these rare editions. This is believed to be among the top 5 examples in the country known.<o:p></o

It is important tonote that unlike many other restored examples or replicas, THIS <o:p></o

example has been very carefully preserved and restored using all OEM/NOS GM parts literally down to the nuts/bolts hardware for a TRUE all GM restoration.<o:p></o

The Festival cars numbered into 100 available units. There were only 43 true Pacecars of which this is #19.<o:p></o

Except for the Coker-brand era correct redwall tires for this vintage, this is truly classically restored in the literal sense.<o:p></o

It is believed that the current owner is the 5th or 6th owner of this vehicle that has remained all GM stock original all of its known life.<o:p></o

Affirming the paintcode specific only to true Pacecars, the ID Plate confirms the paint code number to be “01” making it one of the select factory original clear-coat finished cars. <o:p></o

Unlike many other well intended restorations, the details of this restoration include a Pacecar factory stripe is correctly situated partially into the pinstripe matching the placement of the decal on the #1 Pacecar. Very few examples meet this discerning restoration detail.<o:p></o

Options were limited to Pacecars. This model is equipped as follows:<o:p></o


Colors: White over Blue with white top<o:p></o

Engine: Chevrolet 350V8<o:p></o

NO AC---------correctfor true Pacecars

We believe this to be among THE MOST GM-only correct restored vehicle with NOS parts and the most closely restored to the #1 Pacecar with discerning details.



The sale price hasbeen set competitively at $110,000.00.<o:p></o

Save the auction commission(s) and buy this now while available for a limited time before headed to auction this fall. We're getting alot of requests to save this for auction to meet our price, however this sale seems more appropriate here among the true collectors.

Please contact the undersigned: CA Woodside 615.979.3058 9AM-9PMCST

Serious inquiries only please.














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A detailed private appraisal was completed for owner vehicle(s) prior to deciding to sell off part of this owner's collection (Stroke handicap precipitated sale).

Cliff Ernst who has a collection of COPO Camaro's has seen this car personally and advised the seller on price.

The Pace Car Registry has also advised the owner his car is a find for the Registry given its historical documentation. Some pretty interesting stuff~

Thank you for your inquiry

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