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2 Questions-48 brakes shoes availabllity ,Address for the Lincoln info!

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Hi:My Cntinental has what I call typical 48 brakes trouble is everyone else now has disc brakes!I looked thru the venders here and speedway etc.Wanted some shoes for the front with softer?linings maybe avoid the necessity of doing and expensive disc conversion,on car that isn't used much?I have asked this before the address for the info from Ford on the car!Back in the early 70s when the last title I have was issued they used the body number instead of VIN on the title would be nice to verify that numbers are correct etc.Getting to old to enjoy crawling under cars anymore don't know if that number on the title will be a problem?I checked the numbers when bought the car but didn't register with me that wasn't the VIN.SHould have known after last one had also had no VIN on title found it by scraping the undercoating off the frame by the gas tank it had numbers transposed so had to get the state to redo the title a simple error with the numbers stamped in frame were hard to read the state agreed and changed the title for me!These old cars tend to make the VINs hard to find guess they weren't as important then as now!

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no we dont have disc brakes..these are 1940s American autos..drums work fine..like any mechanical

thing 60 plus years old, needs to be serviced, then used,.not left to sit for years..

Norwalk brake service, Norwalk ohio, will reline your shoes about 10 bucks each.

Vin number easily seen on engine crossmember under hood, near left motor mount..


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