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Instrument lights

bob duffer

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[TD=colspan: 2]I've got all lights , turn signals and shifter light and courtesy light working . The speedo lights and tach light and clock light -not working. the Bulbs look good. Is there a fuse somewhere for these? Anyone have an idea what might be wrong?

I tried rotating the dimmer too. key off and on .

56 Thunderbird[/TD]



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I'd suspect the dimmer. I don't own an auto, so I don't know that that light dims, but it sounds like only the "dimming" lights are out. You'll probably have to pull the light sw to check that, and don't forget to disconnect the battery first. Sometimes when the dimmer fails, you can still get full bright, but I've seen them fail completely. If you don't know how to pull the sw, let us know.

I don't remember for sure on the 'birds, but a lot of old light switches did have a glass fuse on them. I remember them as protecting the dash/park/turn signals, but I can't be sure of my memory. Too many years and too many old cars.

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