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M-5 Instrument Cluster Bezel and Windshield Garnish Moldings

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I am still searching for the interior windshield garnish moldings for my 47 M-5. I've gotten a few leads, but so far only dead ends.

I also am looking for the instrument cluster stainless steel bezel. Don't need the gauges or the glass only the bezel.

I appreciate all the help so far and am in hopes that this new posting will do the trick.


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The bezel is actually thin brass with chrome plating. When you find one, it may need to be replated. It should be the same as the 1941 cars, so you can expand your search a bit. I don't have the parts catalogs in front of me, but my first guess is that the M5 windshield garnish moldings should be the same as 1941 and 1946 Champions, though perhaps different paint colors, i.e. same 6 digit code followed by different X number. I can check catalogs next week.

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