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1929 Franklin 135 wiring harness schematic


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Does anyone have or know a source for a complete wiring diagram for a 1929 Franklin 135 (Victoria coupe)?

I am looking for the wiring diagram with wire and tracer colors and the gauge for each wire.

The owners manual has a reasonable diagram but does not provide the gauge size for each wire and omits some wire/tracer color combinations.

The parts manual has a section of wire colors with numbers such as "#14", which I assume means 14-gauge wire?

Is there a single wiring schematic for this car, or does one have to go back-and-forth between the owner's manual and the parts manual?



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Jim, I would start by looking up wiring diagrams in the Franklin drawings. The company, like all manufacturers, had to have build plans for their products. Try #43816 this may enlighten you and start you in the right direction.


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I appreciate everyone's help and insight.

In the drawings provided, is it possible to identify the gauge numbers for each of the wires? I can now identify where each wire goes along with the proper wire color and tracer.

But....I do not see the gauge number for each of the wires. Am I just missing it?

Thank you,


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So there are other drawings referenced from the wiring diagram above showing the wiring sub-assemblies. You should be able to build a complete harness from these. Here are a couple more that I found:



Hope this helps!


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This CAN BE DONE directly from the factory drawings but takes a LOT in digging.

For Example: Your Vic Brougham starts with drawing 43397 which is included on drawing 43399.

The Battery cable "A" (Pos Ground) is listed on 43399 under 43397 as 4X820

4X820 is on Drawing "4 X 8-B" (spaces are important in the Drawing Name) as consisting of Terminals 30X21 on one end and 27529 (or 40315) on the other and assembled as as shown with wire number 4X1815

Wire 4X1815 is shown on Drawing "4 X 18-A" as being 20" overall length of No 0 Stranded Copper wire with specifics as to stranding pattern, insulation, over-braid and how far to strip the ends. 27529 and 40315 show the style of Positive battery terminals as supplied by various manufacturers

I have not been able to find Drawing 30X21 but we should always be thankful for the drawings we have and not lament the ones that were lost with the demise of the company. It is an interesting story in itself how The Club got the drawings and digitized them so that everyone can use them. We should also be sure to thank The Club members who preserved the drawings over the years and undertook the tasks needed to get them on the web.

For some of the harnessed wires, you have to dig through intermediate drawings but eventually things can be found.

The Parts book specifies the size of SOME of the wires that are expected to be made in the field but many are pre-made and supplied according to part number.

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