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1929 Hupmobile A Cabriolet coupe Want to trade for old Indian motorcycle

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I purchased a 1932 Pierce Arrow coupe and I don,t have quality storage for both cars but i still have room in there for a motorcycle. This is my first classic era car and I bought it last year from a forum member named William Bauder and it has been a great experience. Bill is extremely knowledgeable on Hupps and great to deal with. Thanks again Bill. I wanted a bigger faster car so I bought a Pierce and need to trade off the Hupmobile. It is a very dependable driver and my wife and I have driven it a lot. I am not an expert on grading these cars so I would have to class it as a maintained original with a modern paint job. The fender paint freckled from something in the paint when painted but is not a a metal problem and did not bother me as it is a driver. The chassis is in great shape and Bill did the brakes and bearings and it is very safe. All lights work and the interior is very presentable. I did not post a cash price as I would sooner trade and hope I am not in violation of forum rules. I have always wanted a 1940 era indian Chief motorcycle or maybe some other early motorcycle. I don,t expect to get a 100 point concourse Chief for the car but was hoping to find something complete and original that is running or would not take much to get running. My # is 928 241 1490











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What a beauty! That Pierce Arrow must really be something for you to part with the Hupp. Unless you're OK with leaving it in the driveway this winter, you probably need to stick a realistic price on it, go for a straight sale, then shop for the Indian. It's the end of summer, those looking for cars have already bought them, and folks with Indian Chiefs looking to trade them for Hupmobiles are, I'm guessing, a pretty small subset. Good luck.

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Thans for the complements on the Hupp and I agree with you on all counts. I have always wanted an Indian but I am probably dreaming and the odds are long.

I am looking for a nice enclosed trailer and if I get one it will take care of my storage problem. I just can,t bare to let the Hupp winter outside and I will do whatever I have to.

I will attach a pict of the Pierce and hope you enjoy.




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You will not find a nicer or more honest person to deal with than Joe ....

I dropped off his 1932 Pierce Arrow Coupe today & I hauled his Hupmobile to him as well ....

He is a straight shooter



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  • 4 weeks later...

That is good news Joe !

I talked with Bill yesterday about getting a 29' Hup from Oregon out to him ....

He said you found a Buyer - I assumed it was the " family member " out of Phoenix ....

Now you gotta get the Piece Arrow running .....

Take Care Joe .... :cool:


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