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It may not be possible to trace the ownership through the DMV's. They don't keep records forever, and the car predates digital record keeping by scores of years. In Virginia the DMV did not have any record of my ever having titled a car in 1958 that they had also issued permanent antique plates for. Fortunately I had the title and it was re-established in their records. Otherwise it would have been hell to pay in order to get things straightened out. Best bet is to try going back through previous owners, but success is not very likely because of the many decades that have passed. Good luck.

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Thank you for your response.

I only know the name of one previous owner, but inside one of the pages of the original shop manual, I found a model description and price card. It says "prices for the Allegheny and Pittsburgh area of Pennsylvania. I have to assume the car may have originated from a dealership in PA.

I bought the car from a private owner in New Hampshire who says the car spent some time in Massachusetts. But it all the info I have.

I am trying to find out which Buick dealers were around in 1938 in the Pittsburgh and Allegheny area.

Any suggestions you could give would be appreciated.


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