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1932 Cord L-29 cabriolet project car for sale

Guest WarEagle1

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Guest WarEagle1


1932 Cord L-29 cabriolet project car for sale

Model: 32

Serial No.: 2929787

Engine No.: FF4698

This car has the larger 322 cubic inch (130 HP) Lycoming Straight-8. I believe the numbers indicate that it was produced in Nov. ’31 and designated as a ’32 model.

Click this link http://s1272.photobucket.com/user/Wareage1/library/ for detailed photos.

This car was purchased as a complete and running vehicle by my Dad in 1980. It has been stored in an air conditioned environment since that time. The car has been disassembled for restoration with all parts meticulously organized, labeled, and stored. The restoration was started with many subcomponents and assemblies completed. Work completed is of the professional quality a car of this caliber demands.

Dad is no longer able to do restoration work so this project is being offered for sale. I believe that this is as complete a project car as can be found, literally down to the nut and bolt, with numerous extra pieces collected over the years. This is being sold as a complete project; I am not interested in parting out.

Please scroll through the photos at this link http://s1272.photobucket.com/user/Wareage1/library/ to see all that is included with this project. There are 180+ pictures showing most all of the various parts, pieces, and details.

Completed work:

· All wood – professionally reproduced in seasoned ash from original wood and patterns. Includes body structure, doors, floor, golf bag door, rumble lid, seat frame. Wood is completed to the finest detail and is fitted to the original body skin and doors. Joints are seamless and are Resorcinol-bonded and screw-fastened.

· Engine – full rebuild including fully balanced rotating assembly, re-babbitted rods/mains, line-bored mains, cylinders bored & finish honed, custom pistons/rings by Arias, complete valve job, engine assembly, and paint. Will require assembly of valve gear, head, and peripherals; has not been run.

· Trans/Differential – refurbished and reassembled; ready to go.

· Clutch/Flywheel – remanufactured clutch and resurfaced flywheel; balanced to rotating assembly.

· Starter & Generator rebuilt; correct Delco Remy units.

· Brake Drums/Shoes – Shoes re-lined and shaped; drums resurfaced.

· Chrome Plating –

o all bumpers & related components - 11 pcs

o radiator shell

o differential trim ring

o complete windshield frame assembly

o complete cowl molding

o valve covers/bolts

o water jacket cover

o shifter rods and coupler

o complete ignition wire housing assembly

· Porcelainizing –

o intake manifold

o exhaust manifold

o carb intake adapter

o bypass valve body

· Frame – frame has been completely stripped and is refinished in Graphic Red (Chrysler code TR4) urethane enamel.

All original sheetmetal on this car is straight and solid. This includes body skin, cowl, hood, all fenders, rumble lid, running boards, tank cover, etc. The cowl will need some light patch work at the bottom molding line due to pitting. Custom rolled patch panels with the correct molding shape are included. See detailed pictures of all of body panels in the link above.

New and repro parts:

· Complete reproduction wiring harness (by Narragansett Reproductions)

· Exhaust – stainless muffler, flat section tailpipe, manifold connector pipe

· Running board stainless strips/treads, and rubber edge molding

[The stainless strips were repro’ed by my Dad. 70+ pcs go with car.]

· Cowl light and brake light bodies (4 pcs)

· Interior door handles and window winders with escutcheons

· Folding top irons

· Sill plates

· Brass nameplates and data plates, complete set

· CORD crest badges, complete set

· Windshield glass

· Shutterstat

· Dash control cables

· Speedometer cable

· Engine gasket set, copper

· Rear brake hose

· Body rubber kit – bumpers, door jambs, pedal pads, step pads, floor rubber, hood latches, etc.

· Horn button

· License plate bracket

· Shifter rod rollers

· Brake fluid reservoir

· NOS spark plugs

· Front-drive bearings

· Many other small parts, hardware, etc.

Other noteworthy parts:

· Potter Mfg. Co. trunk – beautiful and rare trunk for this car; mostly restored; ready for paint.

· Lights – 4 L-29 headlights & 7 misc lights for parts, a dozen or more lenses, 10 cowl/brake light housings (4 new) & 7 doors/rims (all lenses included; cowl, brake, back-up).

· Door handles – 10 or so exterior door handles (some original L-29, some for parts).

· Wheels - 7 wire wheels, 6 knock-off hubs, 2 hub covers for side-mounts.

· Carburetors – 2 Schebler Duplex SX-41 carbs, correct for this car.

· Horns – 10+ assemblies, one should be correct and perfect, plenty of donor parts to make others.

· Bijur lube system, extra pumps, all original lines & fittings.

· Wiper motors – 22+ assemblies, 2 have correct shield cover, many donor parts.

· All original wood included – bundled and labeled for pattern use.

This car has been in the family for 34 years and, as stated, is very complete and well organized for completion of the restoration. Sale includes everything listed above and all items pictured. Nothing else is included.

Price: $118,000

Car is located in Madison, Alabama. Buyer to pick-up locally or arrange all shipping. I can assist with loading.

Please call Mike with questions and I’ll do my best to answer them or provide additional photos if needed.

My mobile phone number is 256-653-6393.

I probably won’t be able to answer on weekdays until about 5:30pm CST. If I don’t answer, leave me a voice mail and I will return your call.

I don’t want or need any help selling this car so please DO NOT call with offers to help. Thanks. -Mike
















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Mike, I would like to just say THANK YOU for posting a great ad as a first time poster. You give a complete and accurate description of the car, and what has been finished. It's refreshing to see a for sale ad done correctly. It's a great car, and I hope you are successful with the sale. Be sure to post it on the ACD site as well. Ed

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Guest WarEagle1


Thanks for the compliment. I tried to be thorough to answer most folk's questions up-front.

I found some photos of the original car before dissassembly that I have added. Thanks for looking. -Mike

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