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1976 Regal Landau Coupe, Probably the Best One in Existence


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This 21,950 original mile car has won six (6) national awards, 4 from the AACA & 2 from the BCA. The car is flawless and would probably show up the new cars if it were in a showroom. It's been stored in a climate controlled garage since new and was featured in a December, 2012 article in the Buick Bugle. There is nothing wrong with this car, not even a single leak. I'm selling it to thin the herd. This is an exceptional opportunity for the collector interested in the 70's.


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I always thought that Regal coupes of that era

were good-looking cars. Since you didn't get any

bids for your $13,000 starting price on Ebay, maybe

someone will see your listing here, negotiate, and

end up with a nice car!

Cars of this era will come into their own some day.

Regals are, I think, better looking than Olds Cutlasses.

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When my Dad passed away in 1976, we bought one of these for Mom. Hers was a factory order. It had a 350, 4 barrel. It was dark blue, with a white landau top, with a white bucket seat interior and a console and floor shift. It also had the Buick Rally wheels. It was a gorgeous car and drove like a dream. I loved that car but the only time I got to drive it was for about 30 miles home from the dealer. Unfortunately my 4 younger brothers and sisters were still at home and all just reaching driving age. They beat the hell out of that car. When it was 4 years old, I had to replace the engine because they never checked or changed the oil. It got hit several times when one of them totaled it prior to its 5th birthday. It was just sad.

Mom is gone now too but I still have a huge soft spot in my heart for one of these. If I ever stumble across another one this nice and in the correct colors (for me) I might be tempted.

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Many people feel comfortable listing their contact information.

I've seen on the forums that when some form of contact information

isn't provided, later on people may want to contact an infrequent visitor--

but they are unable to.

I've frequently seen cars for sale many months after an ad was

originally listed. I called about a Stutz for sale a year after its

ad in Hemmings; and sure enough, it was still available.

A 1935 Buick 50 series victoria coupe still was for sale by a dealer

4 years after he acquired it! That's the reason for the recommendation--

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