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Miscellaneous batch of pre-1910 Mitchell engine parts

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Including 4 jugs, some rockers, push rods and connecting rods. The bad news is that all the water jackets are cracked and I think that one of them has a small piece missing. They are very rusty, one has the piston and rod stuck in it. The valve cages are there but 3 are rusted in place. It will be a lot of work to rehabilitate these but not as much as making new ones would be. I believe they have a 4-1/2 bore and are probably for a 1908 or 1909 car. These came with my 1910 car, presumably for the valve cages (which were missing from my jugs). However, they are not interchangeable, something I discovered after spending two days getting one out. Price $1000... or make an offer... I'm really in the dark about pricing these. They are heavy but perhaps could be shipped UPS packed one at a time. In any case, if someone is interested I'll work with you. A private message will find me. or the telephone # is 401-323-4433 but I haven't set up the voice mail so if I don't answer, try again.

Joe Puleo

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